Balloon Safety Information

Please take notice of the following information for your own safety
Natural Latex balloons
 Children under eight years of age can choke or suffocate on un-inflated balloons:
  • Never allow children to suck, chew or play on un-inflated balloons
  • Supervise your children at all times if they are playing with balloons
  • Discard all pieces of broken balloons immediately
  • Adults should always inflate balloons for children
  • Balloons can spread germs. Never put a balloon in your mouth if it has been in someone elses mouth
  • Some people are alergic to latex....
  • Foil balloons are an excellent alternative
  • Keep balloons away from your face. If a balloon bursts it can cause injury to face or eyes
  • When inflating balloons always use a hand pump in case a balloon burts near your face
Foil balloons
  • Never release Foil balloons outdoors
  • Never release Foil balloons near power lines
Helium Safety
  • Never, Ever deliberately inhale helium from a balloon, It is an Asphyxiate and can cause suffocation and even death