Colour Chart

 Pearlised latex balloons colour chart

Round, Star, Heart shape foil balloon colour chart

If you have been inspired by our gallery and would like to  find out more about the choice of balloons you can have please  contact us to  arrange a free consultation (no obligation) at your chosen venue,office or home.
We will send pictures by email as well.
For latex balloons there are many types of finish and effects including pearlised, metallic, pastels, bright colours, pattern balloons and neon colours.We use Qualatex and Anagram balloons .They are considered the very best balloons and used by balloon professionals worldwide.
Foil balloons can come in a variety of shapes ,sizes and colours,messages, themes and patterns.

34inch high foil balloon numbers are available in the following colours,
Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Blue,and  Magenta Pink 

34inch high foil balloon letters are available in the following colours, 
Gold, Rose Gold, Silver,Blue, and Magenta pink

40 inch high foil balloon numbers and letters are available in GOLD AND SILVER ONLY

16" inch air filled foil  balloon letters and numbers are available in Gold, Rose Gold, Silver ,Magenta pink andBlue.