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                                                                   NEW CHROME BALLOONS
       ' Offer RICH textures, REFLECTIVE surfaces, and RADIANT colours with new latex Chrome Balloons from Qualatex.
                           Celebrate with slick metallic shine for a never- before- seen visual experience.'
Blue and green Chrome balloons
Gold Chrome balloons
Blue and green Chrome
Gold Chrome balloons

   Lovely combination of chrome gold and pearl emerald green
  Balloons for event at the Pavillion, Whittlebury Hall, Hotel

    Here we have used 
        chrome gold and 
        Chrome silver
To custom colour '80th' and 'happy birthday'
   Latex balloons to float on top and around 
              The weight
    Chrome gold and chrome silver balloon
 Table arrangements    To compliment 
           Simple but very stylish
                 Woburn Hotel

    Silver chrome balloons used to great effect
       For the Jaguar Club, Northampton
                   Annual dinner

Silver Chrome balloons
Blue Chrome balloon
Chrome Gold
Chrome Mauve
Chrome Silver
Chrome Purple
Chrome Blue

Chrome Green