Terms and Conditions

  1. Please check your invoice /quote carefully to ensure that everything you have ordered is shown, as the invoice / quote  will form our check list when we are decorating your function. Please inform us of any mistakes immediately.
  2. All prices are inclusive of VAT @ 20%.
  3. PAYMENT  may be made by CASH or BANK  TRANSFER only.
  4. PAYMENT  TERMS : full balance to be made 1 week before event. Deposit refunds will be made on functions cancelled 14 days (or more) before event.
  5. Balloon decorating is a very time consuming job and can be done on the day of the function so access to the venue may need to be earlier than you may expect. We cannot be made responsible for any problems which may arise from our not being able to gain access to the venue at a time suitable to us.
  6. We reserve the right to alter decorations and where they are to be placed where necessary if original design is unsuitable on the day. Also to substitute unavailable balloons with appropriate alternatives.
  7. If the event is outdoors we will not be held responsible for balloons being damaged or spoilt as a result of weather conditions. We reserve the right to relocate balloons and walk through arches if we consider they will be damaged or spoilt if left unattended in a public area or weather conditions change when setting up ie breezy/windy /raining.
  8. The safe keeping and return to I LOVE BALLOONS of returnable fixings, display pieces and hire or loan equipment is the responsibility of the client unless otherwise agreed.
  9. Alterations to the original order can be made up to 14 days prior to the function at which time the final invoice will be prepared and the materials ordered from our suppliers. Any alterations made after this may  be subject to an additional charge.
   10. Cash deposits will be taken on all hired or loaned table mirrors, glass vases and (contents) ie.bulk jewel effect table confetti,balloon frames, lighting  equipment , Ferrero Rocher display stands and all other associated equipment .
              Cash deposits will be returned when all items have been safely retuned and checked by us.
The customer must not stick,glue or fix any embellishments or place burning candles onto the heart shaped Ferrero rocher 
Chocolate stands / centrepieces. 
Ferrero Rocher chocolates contain nuts.
Please note we are not responsible if your guests have a nut allergy and becomes ill.
   11. I LOVE BALLOONS offers a personal and great value service to all our valued customers . 

 *We offer free delivery and set up within 3  miles  of MK19 6NW (set by car sat nav ) on balloon and Ferrero Rocher orders over £45.00 *
                                        *Orders under £45.00 will incur a delivery charge (minimum order £25.00)

Once we have confirmation of venue and date of event We will confirm your quote plus any delivery and set up (and collection)charges. 
Prices given on this website  are subject to change when balloons ,designs and materials  used  are different from the picture.
Customers are able to collect their balloon orders by prior arrangement only.
I love balloons do not guarantee the float time or if any balloons burst once the inflated balloons have been collected from our premises. 
Do not use siscors to open bags or boxes that contain inflated balloons, remove sharp rings from fingers when handling balloons, do not place balloons by uneven walls, on uneven ceilings or by uneven door frames, the slightest splinter can cause the balloons to burst. Also avoid placing balloons directly under spotlights / lights/ by candles or next to hot radiators.
Foil balloons are sensitive to temperature change. In cold air they may appear deflated , when moved into warm air this should expand them again. Extreme heat can cause the helium to expand  and burst the balloon.

   12. Please read and be aware of our Balloon Saftey Infomation  page.

   13.                                       BALLOON RELEASE STATEMENT
      I Love Balloons have taken the decision to no longer offer balloon releases 
                          due to environmental concerns about unnecessary litter.          
                 Please PIN AND BIN your balloons after use and avoid releasing helium filled balloons outdoors.

                                                          DATA PROTECTION POLICY
  The personal data we retain is only the information we require to undertake and process a balloon order.
  All data is treated as confidential and safe and is not shared with any third party.
  Data is used in accordance with the current Data Protection rules.
  On completion of your balloon order or quote customers may request removal of their data information from our records.

                                       GDPR Legislation, Privacy Policy Compliant + Data Protection 
    Any personal information gathered is for the sole purpose of effective communication between the customer 
    No information will be shared with any third party.
    The only exception is if I am required by law or if you request a courier or postal service in which I'll need to provide 
    Your name and full delivery address.

     I take payments via Bank Transfer who have their own strict privacy policies.
    All information is stored securely, password protected and within secured premises.
    I do keep messages stored in WhatsAPP and Emails, telephone calls, Text messages are password protected.
    If you would like me to delete the messages please contact me and i will do so providing there is no legitimate reason.
    Your information will be stored for 8 years in case I am audited by HRMC.
    If at any time you would like a copy of the data stored you are welcome to do so for a £20 admin fee.
    We have 40 days to provide the data.